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Center for Assistance to ATO Participants

On Thursday, we visited the Center for Assistance to ATO Participants. This center is the first in Volyn to start providing psychological assistance to ATO participants and created a rapid response team. They make calls on calls across all area. The number of people who will be regularly assisted is about 16,000 people! At the moment, there are only a few such centers in Ukraine that are just starting their work.

To meet the basic needs of the organization, our team provided personal hygiene kits, a set of warm blankets, shoes, antiseptics, washing powder and detergents.

However, transportation issues for the rapid response team remain very acute. Departures are carried out on the territory of the whole region, even to the most remote areas by off-road.

We are convinced that only by uniting all together will we be able to help the Center pay for at least fuel. After all, these hard-working and faithful young people travel hundreds of kilometers every day to help others.

For details, contact private messages and comments on Facebook or Instagram.

Remember, your help is an invaluable support for those who need it! ❤️


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