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Our team


Pavlo Khomyak


"Big changes start with small changes"


Initiator and creative founder of the Caritas-Spes-Lutsk team.

Responsible for operation

Caritas-Spes-Lutsk team.


Anastasia Markiv

"Beauty is not only outside but also inside"

Filled with enthusiasm and passion for social action


Responsible for international communication and volunteering at Caritas-Spes-Lutsk


Martin Cieselski

"We are as valuable as we can give of ourselves to others"


In Caritas-Spes-Lutsk he moderates foreign activities, emergencies and social contacts, including communication.


Iryna Kovalchuk

"True kindness, readiness to defend the weak and defenseless - is first of all courage, fearlessness of soul!"

Responsible for social work with youth

PR manager


Anastasia Suvorova


"Don't be afraid to live for love"

Content maker, I do my best to provide information quickly and efficiently


Responsible for volunteering and social work with young people.


Anastasia Suvorova


"Helping others brings joy and the opportunity to develop"

Active, joyful and responsible for the financial side and work with Caritas-Spes-Lutsk volunteers .

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