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The Caritas-Spes-Lutsk team is active in its charitable activities. It is embodied in the following activities:

- active participation in trainings and exercises organized by Caritas-Spes Ukraine;

- help for families with autistic children;

- action "Heart for the military" (collection of warm clothes, which is necessary for the military in the cold season, food);

- a valid point of issue of free clothes for the needy;

- action "Light a candle" (cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Lutsk);

- Saint Nicholas action - for each child (for children from low-income families, migrants, anti-terrorist operation);

- holiday pack for seniors, singles, migrants;

- free consultation among the best doctors of Lutsk;

- free consultation with a leading lawyer;

- creation of a social center for children and families "Nazareth";

- free language school - English, Polish.

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